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Did You Receive a Metal-on-Metal Hip Implant Manufactured by Stryker? Have You Experienced Complications From the Device?
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Did you receive a metal-on-metal hip implant manufactured by stryker? Have you experienced complications from the device?

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Metal Poisoning from Cobalt and Chromium Hip Implants

Cobalt and Chromium Metal Hip Implant Video Transcript

We’ve received a lot of calls from around the country asking about the use of cobalt and chromium in total hip replacement systems. Cobalt and chromium [have] been used in several different hip implants. And, those devices now have been associated with reports of pain and loosening and injuries that require surgery to replace the device.

One of the reasons surgeons have recommended to their patients to replace the devices is because the devices have been reported to release cobalt and chromium particles into the body and into the blood. The release of cobalt and chromium into the body has caused damage to the tissues and the bones surrounding the implant and those metal particles also enter the bloodstream and remain in the body and are continuously released into the body. And the long term effects of having high levels of cobalt and chromium in the body have not been fully studied. So, if you have a metal-on-metal hip implant, odds are that it is made with cobalt and chromium. And you should consider conferring with your doctor and being tested for high levels of cobalt and chromium in your blood.

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